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DIY nails at home?

Beauty Slammer 

Let's Get Beautified I am not even kidding buttttttttttt I am so HAPPY I even came across this. Let me tell you how annoyed I have become with nail salons. GUYS you have no idea. I can type so many stories of how many I have of me walking in happy knowing that I am going to get pampered and feel great. BUT no that was never my case, there was even a time where I literally got up in the middle of the lady doing my nails and walked out. I don’t know if you guys go through what I just explained but if you do than you definitely know my pain, anger and frustration. Until I came up across of course my hand dandy WALGREENS field trip. It was like light to my eyes! KISS nail products. I picked up KISS NAIL Salon Acrylic French Nail Kit. I said to my self lets try this because I am seriously getting sick of this annoyance. I came home and cleaned up my nails shaped them how I wanted, buffed them, polished them and popped these babies on.GUYS it has been like three weeks they …