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Healthy Hair Growth Routine.

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HAIR ROUTINELet's get talkin
Hey Guys! It has been like forever. I can not even begin how and why I have been out of paste.. Guys ... Life. But I am back and I am feeling somewhat better then the rest of the days. I want to get back with my hair care routine. I mean like what a better way to come back.. right? What you should know, is that maybe about like 2 years ago I fully chopped allllll of my hair. I mean ALL. I just needed a change and a change I did get,no lie. From than I got over the short hair and started doing what we all do, started missing our long hair. I tried so many products, so many shampoos and conditioners and hairstylist. Money was leaving left and right for me because I wanted to see the fastest way to grow out my hair again. Until I finally got it. I got a Klaritin treatment in my hair and I did this treatment for like 4 months straight. It was a HUGE difference on my hair. Not only was my hair stubborn to grow but it was so DAMAGED OF SO MUCH H…