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POND'S Cream Review

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Hey Guys! Everyone out here is trying to get there hands on a moisturizer that can prevent dry skin or wrinkles. Girls.. let's be real. We are all guilty there and especially if you where makeup everyday(ME!). Let's start with the "POND'S Cold Cream Cleanser". This is not just a deep moisturizing cleaner but a make-up remover too. Two in one! That bought me right in. I try to use this product right after I get of the shower. It is the perfect way to hydrate your face. The texture is thick and it reminds me of cucumbers for some reason. The smell and feeling when I am applying it to my face, literally makes me feel like if I was in a Spa.

I always put about four dots on my face before I massage it into my skin. I go for my forehead, cheekbones, and chin. I will massage it into my face and neck but than I will tap my fingers against my face to have my blood flowing. The best part is to come. I have a cloth that I always rin…