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Healthy Salmon with Flavor

Healthy Salmon Recipe

Cook with Flavor
What you will need:
Fresh salmonSea saltblack pepperbasilgarlic powderthymeButterAvacadoMangoCelery (optional)1 and half green limeCherry tomatoesTajin
Let's Get Cooking Healthy
Hey Guys! This recipe is so yummy and easy. If you guys just want to just stick with the seasoned salmon; all you need to do is cut your salmon in your desired portion and wash it thoroughly. Always wash your foods before getting the good stuff in there. Now I love using sea salt recently, it just gives it that extra flavor you are looking for. Add your salt, black pepper (not to much you; you do not want to over power the other seasonings we will be adding) basil, and garlic powder. As you season your fish, just have your pan on low heat melting up some butter. I like using butter when I am making Salmon, it is just easier to flip and what not and must I say another delish flavor to your fish. Alright guys you are done if you want to stop here just put that yummminess on …