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Healthy Side Dishes Ep.2

Quick & Easy Sides.

Cook with Flavor.
What you will need:

Brussels Sprouts Olive OilSaltShredded ParmesanPowdered Parmesan
Let's Get Cooking.
Hey Guys! I am so happy you came back for Episode number 2. Healthy Side Dish Marathon here we go. This is a 1,2,3 quick and easy dish and you will be out of your kitchen in no time. Lets get started! First thing first you want to turn on your oven and pre-heat it up to 350' Degrees. As your oven is getting all nice and hot; you want to start on seasoning your main star... Brussels Sprouts!
Take your casserole dish and add your CLEAN greens. Again nice and clean. I personally like to chop up my Sprouts. I  cut of the ends and I also sometimes chop them in half but for this side dish we will only chop the ends off.. only.

Add them in your casserole pan. Measure about two table spoons of olive oil and sprinkle it on your greens. Now for the flavor, add your salt (about to pinches of salt). Pick up your Powdered Parmesan and a good handful. Do…