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Dramma with High Waisted Jeans?

Slay the Fashion 

Let's talk Slay Hey Guys! This is going to be a fashion blog. Tips and tricks to add to your wardrobe. Skinny Jeans.. Everyone wears them, come on those are like IN. What torments some of us girls.. and lets be real. Is the High Waisted Jeans Fashion. I was one of them. I remember buying like maybe 5 pairs in ForEver21. OH BOY! Here it comes. They stayed in my closet. I was just so uncomfortable to wear them. I just did not know which was the best way to put it together with. I am very simple when it comes to dressing up. If my face is beat with makeup and my hair looks amazing, than I feel like I look awesome. Obviously I will not look crazy but I will put  on something cute together to wear.

So these jeans...I just said "lets do it". If you really think about it, you can't over dress the jeans anyways. You will kill the whole vibe of them, you know what I mean. So simple I went guys. I fell in love, I got so many compliments. I regret giving my jeans…