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Lotus Thai Cuisine Review

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Hey Guys! Today we are going to be talking about DATE NIGHT! or any kindof night if that matters. We are going to get into the days where we just want to unwind and relax. I am going to full on review where I went to eat. To get it out of the way, I love cooking so I can be very picky when I eat out. I have to say, I am a bit of a repeat. I will go to the same places because I will be afraid of trying new places. Well this year it will all change. I got really tired of being so close minded. Guys! this place totally made me launch out of my bubble. 

This place is called "Lotus Thai Cuisine". As soon as I went in it was a different; like walking into a whole different ball game. Lights were dim, music matched the scenery, extremely edgy but fancy decor and vibe. I would of never thought this place would be so eye-opening, considering the location. Me and my date sat down and the service was a delight. Even the water was class. You know somet…