Monday, June 12, 2017

Lotus Thai Cuisine Review

Thai Food Review

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Hey Guys! Today we are going to be talking about DATE NIGHT! or any kind of night if that matters. We are going to get into the days where we just want to unwind and relax. I am going to full on review where I went to eat. To get it out of the way, I love cooking so I can be very picky when I eat out. I have to say, I am a bit of a repeat. I will go to the same places because I will be afraid of trying new places. Well this year it will all change. I got really tired of being so close minded. Guys! this place totally made me launch out of my bubble. 

This place is called "Lotus Thai Cuisine". As soon as I went in it was a different; like walking into a whole different ball game. Lights were dim, music matched the scenery, extremely edgy but fancy decor and vibe. I would of never thought this place would be so eye-opening, considering the location. Me and my date sat down and the service was a delight. Even the water was class. You know sometimes restaurants do give you tap water. It was such a relaxing but romantic vibe in the location. Each table had there own candle light and let's even talk about there beautiful chandelier in the middle of there ceiling. I fell in love! Big huge mirrors and cow skin chairs and benches. It felt like if I was in a real movie eating in New York City.  

The restaurant theme was on point for sure. Now for the FOOD! I ordered Pad Thai with Crispy Duck. Talk about different! I am always eating Spanish food or commercial restaurants. The place was well served. I had to take a picture. My dates plate was an absolute delish as well. We were both in shock. OH! and did I mention you can bring your own bottle. We were blown. The Pad Thai was delicious and I loved how there was mixed crushed peanuts mixed in. Such a colorful plate. The texture and flavors were a delight. As for the Duck, keep in mind I never tasted DUCK. But my oh my! I was surprised alright. It was just right with the crispiness and super tender. Not chewy not dry but just right. It flowed right in with the whole plate. 

I have to say. It was one of my most amazing experience yet for trying out new food and a new place. So if you are in the Northern Part of New Jersey, Please go give this place a knock. Trust me You will walk out of there just like me. I was one 100% super happy yet accomplished, I had tried something out of my comfort zone. I give this 6 stars if it was possible. This totally made me want to do a Lifestyle Food Serious on my blog, I mean why not!? I hope this review was fun to read yet helpful. Let me know the places you have been to. Don't forget to Subscribe. Bye Loves!