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SpaLife Lip Mask Review

Beauty Slammer
Lips Care Let's get talkin
Hey guys! Finally another Beauty Slammer. Today we are going to be talking about lips. Yes! I said our lips. We always focus on our face and eyes but our lips need some care too. I wanted to share my thoughts with you about this new products I have been trying out. Let's get to it. 

With all the climate change here in New Jersey your skin can have a total melt down if you do not property take care of it. My lips get really dry and they can peel depending on the weather or if I put on a lipstick that can be too drying. I do this routine at least once a month. This lip mask is like a gelly texture and it's also watery. I love masks that are like these because I feel like it's actually getting into my skin, in this case lips. This specific lip mask I use is from SpaLife. You can check out there website at or you can find it in your nearest TJ Max, Marshalls, Target or Ross. The website will tell you all the sto…