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Revlon ColorStay Review

Beauty SlammerRevlon ColorStay Dye
Let's get talkinHey Guys! Let's do a real quick review. For those who dye there hair at home. Let me tell you, I have been on a journey to finding the correct Black hair dye for years. I have done Salon and plenty of different brands of drugstore hair dye. I have found the correct shade I been looking for. My hair for some reason brings out brown highlights or a brown touch after a while. It is so wired. To take out this brown, is super hard because for some reason there is always a glare of brown or a strand that always stays with me after dyeing it. This time all brown was gone and the color! Let's talk about it please, such a black rich color. I picked up the Natural Blue Black (Revlon ColorStay). SUPER DEEP BLACK just what I been wanting for such a long time. I will be picking up this product again for sure. Three easy steps too and it does not burn or have that yucky smell some other brands have. I will insert a before and after pictu…