How to shop in Dollar Tree


Hey guys, I just want to talk about one of my favorite places to shop. That is Dollar tree, I simply love it. I get all my supplies there, from cleaning supplies to food to DIY items... What can I say I go to this store for everything; you name it. That is my first pit stop before any other store. For this time when I went, I was so in shock at the goodies that I found. 
Check them out!
The NAIL POLISH - Guys I know that when you go to Dollar tree there can be nail polishes where they look extra cheap. But no guys there are actually good nail brands. I have seen wet and wild and LA colors. I do not go for the normal color LA COLORS but when I recently went in I just loved the fact they had the LA COLOR GEL and you know your girl picked every color up. They look like great quality and a trick to this is that you will find them in the begging of the isle or hanged between the isle. That is what I noticed about my Dollar tree. All the good…

Advise of the Week

ISOLATE YOURSELF IN SILENCE. Hey guys, I want to start a new segment on this blog. I want to make it an advise topic. I want to try to post every Friday. (That is my goal) For our first chit chat on this segment, I want to talk about isolating yourself and when I mean isolating your thoughts I mean that is okay to keep your GOALS or positive thoughts to yourself. It is not always a good thing to tell others your ideas. You will be surprised that even the closest one to you can have some type of envy or ignorance slipped up there sleeves.
You want to have those GOALS and Positive thoughts as your pep talks to yourself because sometimes people will not tell you what you want to hear. From my personal experience, I have a couple of  GOALS down my sleeve. Education wise, new living environment , personal thoughts (I can keep going) and as much as I want to tell someone about it and vent... I really try to keep it to myself because at the end of the day I know I will feel good about being …

How to Make Sticky Rice

STICKY RICE WITH REGULAR RICE. So simple and so easy ladies. Sometimes I like to spice it up in the kitchen. Well all the time, I am always discovering new recipes. All you will need is a small pot, rice, and water. That is it. Add cold water to your pot. You want like an inch of water, not to much because you do not want your rice so mushy. Than clean your rice (rinse) and add it into the pot. You want to make sure the rice is evened out with the water.  Depending on how much water you use it also depends on the rice. Cover this pot up and leave it on low... you want to keep an eye on it because you do not want sticky burnt rice. The water will evaporate and the rice will look fluffy and white. Your rice is done everyone. This goes well with so many good sides. I used pork and seasoned broccoli. Pin me on pinterest and Subscribe for more bogs to come. Bye guys.

How to make a bad haircut into a new one

Fake it until it’s time for a new one. Girls I know we all have been through this at least ones. Haircuts! Do your self a favor and please learn the history of your hairstylist who will be chopping your hair. Just because they have a great hand with coloring or makeup it definitely does not mean there great with the sessors. I mean don’t get me wrong but man oh man ... please look at thier work !  This is like a duh, actually a big duh but it happens to the best of us. Long story short a small history about me hair. It WAS long and it was a grown out v cut. My hair is thin so cutting my hair
 is a dramatic change even if it was three snips. I asked for layers and even showed a picture of what I wanted. I wanted a v cut but with layers not short same length that I had already ( hair was passed my bra strap). 

I sat down and I really thought like wow I’m finally getting a cut, this is exciting. But I felt so off  because my hair was dry and fluffy and she didn’t even re wet it to cut it a…

How to organize your daily thoughts

A plan to an easier life. Call me a neat freak but I have learned that as I got older my life responsibilities expanded as well. I’m talking rent, bills, grocery lists, things to do. Well you know the deal. So many things to do in so little time and so many things to remember. I would literally go to the grocery store and go down the check list in my head and of course I would come home and always forget something, it was never a fail. The worst I tell you, just as I thought I would be done. Well it would happen to me with doctors appointments too but thankfully my doctor would call me a day or two ahead of time as a reminder. This sounds so self explanatory...why didn’t I just write it in my iPhone or something. I am just not good with the whole calendar or reminder thing on the iPhone. Why? I have no idea but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one out there with this problem.
It is hilarious how I settled in for a organizing strategy without even planning it out. I had this book in my …

The secret to a Great Arugala Salad

Let’s get green. I got this recipe from my uncle and aunt. My uncle is a great cook and my aunt has her tricks up her sleeve as well. We are Spanish so we love our rice and beans but something about them is that they love exploring new foods like myself. They have this awesome habit about having a salad with every dinner meal. I find that so healthy, to be honest. If it’s not a spinish salad is an arugula or lettuce salad. Well I was sitting in the island looking at my aunt prep for dinner and there it was. She took the salad bowl and added some olive oil, minced garlic, and lots of powder parmasian cheese. Than she washed her choice of greens,washed them out and added it into the bowl. She squeezed half a lemon and drizzaled some olive oil, salt and pepper. Mixed all the beautiful greens together and wow it was just so fresh so healthy, but best of all super quick for dinner. I fell in love and tried it out myself at home. Cool part of it all, she actually got this recipe from her co…

Grill Cheese Heaven

This is one small blog. I just been so hooked on this small snack. Grill cheese! Yes I am bringing it back. So fast and so easy, in minutes you will have a mouth full of yum. All you need is bread, slice yellow cheese and butter. Pre-heat your pan with a table spoon of butter. Spread some butter on your bread and chose how many slices of yellow cheese you want. If you want a super cheesy grill cheese sandwich go with two slices. Place your sandwich on your pan and let it heat up for for three min per side. You want to make sure the butter and cheese melt together and there you go! Don’t forget to subscribe.