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Healthy Side Dishes

Quick & Easy Sides.

Cook with Flavor.
What you will need:

Sweet PotatoesShredded Mozzarella Cheese Salt
Let's Get Cooking. Hey Guys!!Today's blog is a Quickie but a goodie!I will be talking about Healthy Side Dishes. Sometimes we get to excited of what we are going to eat, meaning our main dish. But we always forget about the side dishes for dinner. They are important too. Some of us cook rice or potato and call it a day. They deserve that spice and time too you know. I love side dishes. I feel like they make the plate a bit more interesting if you ask me. For the next two days I will focus on side dishes BUT not only side dishes BUT HEALTHY SIDE DISHES!
I know is about that time of the year where we are all are watching our weight. I am one of them. Alright so today's recipe is so fast but yummy and fulfilling. You want to take your pot and add some cold water and put that heat on high. Make sure to add the lid to it so it can heat up a bit faster. As your water is heating …