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Healthy Side Dishes Ep.3

Quick & Easy Sides.

Cook with Flavor
What you will need:

Red Keddney Beans (Can) Olive OilSalt1 green limeChopped celery
Let's Get Cooking.
Hey Guys! This is the last Healthy Side Dishes I will be talking about this week. I hope you enjoyed the first two. This one is sooo easy and quick, lets get right into it. Open up your red Kennedy beans and wash them up. Add them to a bowl and add one table spoon of olive oil and eyeball your salt. Squeeze the lime and you will see the beans getting nice and juicy. It will taste amazing and savory. Add salt to your desired taste. Lastly, just chop up your celery into bit pieces. If you want to, this is optional. That is it guys so quick and so easy. This can be done in seconds. Comment down below if you tried this recipe out. Don't for get to Subscribe. Bye loves!