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One Pot Cooking.

Mixed Yellow Rice w/ Vienne Sausage (Salchicha)

Cook with Flavor
What you will need: 
Celery Yellow Onion TomatoGrandmas Dominican Seasoning(Substitute)Garlic , Oregano, Lime (blend all)Olive oilSalt Goya Seasoning (Orange packet)RiceVienne Sausage (Salchicha)Cherry Tomatoes
 Let's get cooking:

Take your pot and lets preheat it (medium heat), add some olive oil(2 tablespoons).
As the oil heats up, start chopping your celery, yellow onion, and tomatoes. Add one buy one and let them cook. You will start smelling the flavors together. YUMMM! Trust me this is a quick one pot dinner and extremely delicious. Now that all your chopped veggies are in the pot add Grandmas Secret seasoning(Substitute: blended garlic,oregano and lime), half of the Goya packet (orange) and eyeball your salt and add it as well. Stir it all up and you are literally half way there.
Now add the rice (I like to always add 1 and half of a small cup). If you need more than go ahead and add some more to your pot. Heat must…