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Recycle Clothes for Money

Money for Clothes ?

Let's Talk about ithttps://www.thredup.comHey guys! I am the type to raid my closet every other month. I am talking bags of garbage bags full of clothes.If I would not touch it for months than out the door it would go. To be honest I would sometimes throw it out in the trash OR (before I get a little shade) drop it of in those big donation boxes. They have them either in a Dunkin Donuts parking lot or a Home depot. You can find theses donation boxes basically anywhere. Until I come across this website that also happen to be an app for your smartphone. Guys before I go on, I must say I was BLOWN AWAY. Not only blown away but regretting all the clothes I had sent out the door. 
As I read more of how the process worked, I got more into it. This company is called ThredUP (maybe I'm in a box but this is new to me). It is so cool all you need to do is make an account with them for FREE! Which I personally love. Now that you are logged in you have the options to sho…

Shish Kabobs on the Let's GO!

Summer Ready "Food"

Cook with Flavor
What you will need: 
Tajin Salt & PepperRed Pepper FlakesSteak seasoning (powder)Paprika Green LimeGreen Bell PeppersPork (Boneless)Shish Kabobs Sticks
Let's Get cooking: Hey guys! This is beyond the most flavored and easiest 123 out the door BBQ Summer Ready Shish Kabobs ever. You can even make these for dinner all year round. So as you see in the picture I chopped up my pork and green bell peppers and stuck them in the Kabob stick like a pattern. If you guys don't like the Green Bell peppers always substitute for the foods you like. For example you can use red potatoes, onions, even pineapple. It all sounds extremely delicious. Once all your meet and veggies are in the Kabob stick, this is the easiest part just season away with all the ingredients listed. I like to leave my seasoned Kabobs marinating over night but you can always cook them right away. BOOM! And there you have it. You are done and ready to put on the grill. I hope…