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Revlon ColorStay Dye

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Hey Guys! Let's do a real quick review. For those who dye there hair at home. Let me tell you, I have been on a journey to finding the correct Black hair dye for years. I have done Salon and plenty of different brands of drugstore hair dye. I have found the correct shade I been looking for. My hair for some reason brings out brown highlights or a brown touch after a while. It is so wired. To take out this brown, is super hard because for some reason there is always a glare of brown or a strand that always stays with me after dyeing it. This time all brown was gone and the color! Let's talk about it please, such a black rich color. I picked up the Natural Blue Black (Revlon ColorStay). SUPER DEEP BLACK just what I been wanting for such a long time. I will be picking up this product again for sure. Three easy steps too and it does not burn or have that yucky smell some other brands have. I will insert a before and after picture and guys there is a huge different. It feels super silky afterwards and a shiny look too. If you are a #blackhairdyeonly gal. This product is for you or if you just want to try a new look pick this babe up at your nearest Walgreens or CVS. Let me know your thoughts down below and don't forget to Subscribe to keep updated with my blogs. Bye loves!

Before & After 


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