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Hey Guys! It has been like forever. I can not even begin how and why I have been out of paste.. Guys ... Life. But I am back and I am feeling somewhat better then the rest of the days. I want to get back with my hair care routine. I mean like what a better way to come back.. right? What you should know, is that maybe about like 2 years ago I fully chopped allllll of my hair. I mean ALL. I just needed a change and a change I did get,no lie. From than I got over the short hair and started doing what we all do, started missing our long hair. I tried so many products, so many shampoos and conditioners and hairstylist. Money was leaving left and right for me because I wanted to see the fastest way to grow out my hair again. Until I finally got it. I got a Klaritin treatment in my hair and I did this treatment for like 4 months straight. It was a HUGE difference on my hair. Not only was my hair stubborn to grow but it was so DAMAGED OF SO MUCH HEAT! This treatment was my beginning of my healthy hair growth.  

Guys.. Honestly it starts with your shampoos too. I was using drug store and it was not doing it for me at all. Until I went High end. This was not only a HUGE difference but a hydration treatment for me tooo. I started with BioSilK and moved to Nexxus. I am completely in love with the two brands. BioSilK ( ) Nexxus ( Life changer guys. 

My Steps.
1. I only wash my hair 2x a week, other than that hair shampoo is my best friend. They say and I see it.. your own hair oils are your best friend when it comes to growing your hair. 

2. I use TCB Naturals (Hair and Scalp Conditioner) I make sure to put this on all my ends. This prevents dry or split ends for me.(

3. Cubarbs (dominican treatment) I pile this up all around my head, not so much on my roots. 

4. Castor Oil .. I make sure to massage this oil all over my scalp. 

Now I sit and wait. I like to put a plastic baggy on my head and when I am ready to go shower I go ahead and use my Shampoo & Conditioner.. as I mentioned before. 

5. I make sure I dry my hair properly with my hair towel. I comb my hair and put a little of the BioSilk Therepy Shiner. (

THAT IS IT! I love it and it has been working for me. I try not to use as much heat. If I do.. I make sure to use a heat protector. IT IS SOOO IMPORTANT. Okay guys this was a long one. Subscribe! Stay tune.. Bye loves.


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