Bacon Guacamole Burger Recipe

Summer Tropical Burgers 

 Cook With Flavor

What you will need

    • Burger Patties
    • salt & pepper
    • Patty Buns (Brioche Buns)
    • 2 slices of Colby Jack
    • Ketchup
    • Mayo 
    • Original Hot Sauce (Burman's)
    • 1 Avacado
    • 1 Tomatoe
    • Yellow Onion 
    • Butter
    • Turkey Bacon
    • 1 Green lime

    Let's get cooking
    Hey Guys! Today we are going to be talking about this tasty recipe I have come up with. Amazing for these summer nights or even on the go's to the beach or even take them to a picnic. So tasty but quick and easy to make. I am all about quick and easy, especially if you live an 'on the go life'. Let's get started. You want to start with heating up your butter on your pan on low heat. While the butter is melting, than you want to sprinkle salt and pepper on your patties(front and back). Put these to cook with the bacon on the same pan let it cook on a low to medium heat. 

    While they are memorizing the house with delicious aromas. You want to chop your tomato and yellow onion into small pieces. It all depends on how much you want as well. Take your bowl and add your chopped tomatoes and onion in and now cut your avocado in half and add it to the party. You want to squeeze your green lime right in and eye ball your salt too. Now start smashing and mixing these savory flavors in. YOUR DONE! At this point your burgers should be flipped and cooked; place two slices of Colby Jack Cheese (low heat). Your turkey bacon must be crispy at this point. Once your cheese is melted place your bacon on top and have your Brioche Buns ready to place your patty. 

    Almost done. Really quick mix your ketchup, mayo and Burman's Original hot sauce together. This would be your sauce to your burger. Your done babes. Build your burger up and put everything together. Once you take this bite. It is so flavorful, it's a bite of love. The cheese is so melty, bacon so crispy, and the avocado and sauce dance right in together. The two combine is magic on a burger. This is the perfect burger for this time of year, it actually feels like if you were in the islands; very tropical. All my ingredients are from my favorite place.. ALDI'S Supermarket. I am so serious. Check them out(, there food is always fresh and not  to mention amazing specials all the time.  Bon Apatite! Let me know your thoughts down below. Bye Loves!


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