Chicken Shish-Kabobs

Summer YUMS 
Cook With Flavor

What you will need

    • Chicken Breast
    • Salt 
    • Cesar Salad Dressing
    • Tajin 
    Let's get cooking

    Hey Guys! It is definitely getting nice and hot out. BBQ's, Picknics, ect ; you name it. We are talking Chicken QUICK AND EASY Shish Kabobs on the GO. If you want to cook them at home and go that's fine but if you want to grill them in the Park, lake or beach let's do this. 

    You want to take your chicken breast and cut it up to chunks not to big and not to small. Season this babe up with some salt. Do not make it to salty. Squeeze some Cesar salad dressing (eyeball it) and add some Tajin seasoning. Guys you are done, Mix this all up and refrigerate over night if not start adding them to your Kabob Sticks. & As said QUICK AND EASY.. Enjoy it. Subscribe and Follow. Talk soon guys!


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